Alleged Conspiracy Lawsuit Dismissed

Larry Knapp, President of Fairfied Harbour POA, addresses the recent civil lawsuit dismissal, in Fairfield Harbour POA’s favor: 


  The lawsuit alleging the Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Association, as well as specific named board members, engaged in an illegal conspiracy to purchase the amenities has been dismissed in Craven County Superior Court.
After three years and extensive written discovery and depositions, the FHPOA and the individual defendants filed a Motion for Summary Judgment arguing that there were no genuine issues of material fact remaining and that the Plaintiffs’ claims, including malicious prosecution, abuse of process, negligent hiring/retention/supervision, and civil conspiracy, should be dismissed.  On February 14, the trial court heard the respective arguments of the FHPOA’s attorney and the Plaintiffs’ attorney. The trial court then allowed both attorneys to submit written briefs in support of their respective arguments. After reviewing and considering the briefs submitted, the trial court granted the Defendants’ Motion, which dismissed all the pending claims with prejudice, and removed the trial from the court calendar. The signed order was filed on March14, 2014 and it may be read here.
   I realize that emotions have run high during this particular case. I also understand that some may want to publicly celebrate the decision or to belittle the lawsuit or those who brought it. However, during the entire course of this litigation the FHPOA and individual defendants have refrained from unproductive exchanges and we will continue to do so now. We feel that vindication in this case is sufficient. We can use this opportunity to try to bring more harmony to Fairfield Harbour. I ask you to join us in our efforts. Some residents in the community may continue to disagree with the FHPOA and its board, but we hope that future disagreements can be addressed by more civil discourse and less costly litigation.
  James Thurber once wrote: “Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.” I choose to look forward, not in fear, but in anticipation of less acrimony, on all sides, and an awareness and appreciation of what a wonderful community we live in. Life is short; let’s all get back to boating, golfing, fishing, and all the other positive, rewarding opportunities available in Fairfield Harbour.


Please remember: “A harbor, even if it is a little harbor, is a good thing.”     Sarah Orne Jewett ~ “River Driftwood” (1881)


Larry Knapp
President, FHPOA
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