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We would love to help you figure out all the details in your next home selection. Neuse Realty understands that no two buying experiences are the same. Our Real Estate Concierge offers buyers a customized, low-pressure, educational experience that prepares them to make the best buying decision for their unique circumstances.

Neuse Realty’s Real Estate Concierge Service includes:

  • A point of contact that assist you in narrowing your search for your ideal relocation destination at no charge to you.
  • She can save you time and money in searching the area.
  • A reliable source that is a native East Carolinian & very familiar with the area.
  • Gives you current information about cities & communities
  • There is no sales pressure and you will appreciate her insightful views on the area.
  • She can even help you with your travel plans to the area and make recommendations for great accommodations, restaurants and other attractions.

Discover the Hidden Gem in Historical New Bern, NC

For those of you that envision an ideal lifestyle of living on or near the coast, then come discover New Bern, NC and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a town where people still wave at you as they drive by and speak to you on the street, then look no further than this charming little historic town and check out the surrounding beaches along the Crystal Coast of North Carolina.

Our Real Estate Concierge Service, Sharon Stroupe is a life long resident of Eastern NC and has lived along the NC coast most of her life. The service she provides gives you a point of contact to answer all your questions about the areas that interest you most.  She will ask you a series of questions to narrow your search and then recommend communities that she believes will meet your lifestyle choices.  This service has saved people time and money in searching for days, weeks, months, and even years in an unfamiliar territory. Many people are not ready to talk to a realtor, because they do not want to feel pressured, before they are ready to buy. The best part is that her services are FREE to you, compliments of Neuse Realty of New Bern, NC. If this sounds like a service that would be of great benefit to you, email Sharon at: or visit Neuse Realty’s Website at:

Sharon Stroupe
Real Estate Concierge
Neuse Realty
(252) 639-0781

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