Neighborhood Watch in Fairfield Harbour takes the Lead

Four  candidates for the County Sheriff’s slot in Craven County appeared at a forum at Red Sail Park in Fairfield Harbour to discuss the issues in the coming election. This forum was arranged by the Neighborhood Watch group, co chaired by Pat Dumon and Paul Merryman. The presentations were civil and enlightening.

Chip Hughes, Eric Smith, Pat Dumon
Candidates: Chip Hughes and Eric Smith with Pat Dumon
On the left: Candidate Pat Dumon, Paul...., Howard Neviser
From left to right: Candidates, Thomas, Monette, Hughs, Smith, with Pat Dumon, Paul Merryman, Howard Neviser
On the left: Candidates Howard Neviser and Pat Dumon
From left to right: Candidates: Thomas, Monette, Hughs, Smith with Howard Neviser and Pat Dumon



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