Neuse Realty Annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys

For each of the past ten years, Neuse Realty has surveyed all sellers and buyers about their experience with our firm. This year, over 92% of the responses to 12 questions about various aspects of the transaction stated that “…Neuse Realty far exceeded or exceeded their expectations…”.

On behalf of the partner team, Margaret Rose stated, “This survey is the most important indicator we have about how the consumer thinks of us, and we are dedicated to collecting and then publishing the results.”

Customer Surverys through 2013

As we are pleased to exceed all expectations for our customers, we must always keep in mind what those expectations are. Steve Harney and the folks at the Keeping Current Matters Blog have offered their Predictions for 2014 in regards to what consumers will demand of real estate professionals.

“Real Estate agents will need to bring strong, meaningful content to the table….there’s a large gap between information and actionable knowledge.”





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