Neuse Realty Helps Moderate Flood Issue Presentation

Neuse Realty’s Pat Dumon and Marcia Werneke moderated the flood issue presentation held on Tuesday, October 27, from 3 – 5 pm at the Fairfield Harbour Community Center, with speakers from the Craven County Planning & Inspections, The Insurance Center, and surveyor Mark Lee.

Subjects included:

  • Answers to a few frequently asked questions: “What is a flood zone? What do the letters and colors mean on the flood maps? What will happen to the existing zones when North Carolina re-draws the current flood maps?”
  • Flood insurance and FEMA requirements for the lowest possible premiums and how the premiums are calculated.
  • Since insurance companies require recently done elevation certificates to calculate flood premiums, surveyor Mark Lee discussed the certificate and minimum FEMA requirements for flood vents.


Flood Insurance 2015 - 1 Flood Insurance 2015 - 2 Flood Insurance 2015 - 3 Flood Insurance 2015 - 4 Flood Insurance 2015 - 5
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