Neuse Realty Services Our Community Again

Harbour Helpers

“Two thumbs up!” exclaimed Phyllis Wiltrout, head of Harbour Helpers. “What a contribution you guys have made!”

This summer, Neuse Realty sponsored the above magnets which were distributed to every residence in Fairfield Harbour, nearly 1500 homes. Harbour Helpers is a group of volunteers who provide free services to folks who need temporary assistance with anything from grocery shopping or picking up prescriptions, driving them to and from doctor appointments, to changing light bulbs, and just about anything else in between. And the owners of Neuse Realty wanted to help get the word out about this special service.

Phyllis and her fellow Harbour Helpers volunteers underscore the sense of community and friendship that residents of Fairfield Harbour are fortunate to enjoy.  They all have a commitment to their neighbors and friends to help how and when they can. And Neuse Realty is willing and happy to assist with this commitment.

Ever since the distribution of the magnets, Phyllis was thrilled to let Neuse Realty know “I have been bombarded with phone calls.”

Mission accomplished!

Submitted by
Pat Dumon, co-owner
Neuse Realty, Inc.

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