New Bern Joins Certified Retirement Community Program

On Wednesday, the City of New Bern became the 11th member to officially join the Certified Retirement Community Program, which recognizes towns that are positioning themselves for retiree attraction as an economic and community development strategy.
The Certified Retirement Community certificate, was presented by Visit North Carolina’s Executive Director Wit Tuttell and Partner Relations Manager Andre Nabors (pictured below).

Retire New Bern Members
From left to right: Judy Avery, Gary Curry (TDA), Sabrina Bengel, Andre Nabors (Visit NC), Wit Tuttell (NC Division of Tourism), Cindy Blot, Pat Schiable, Mark Stephens

The certification is a tool that will allow New Bern to market the community to people ages 55 and older through the use of magazines, visitor guides, consumer shows (such as AARP, Ideal Living), and social media sites.


Neuse Realty Retire New Bern Members
From left to right: Pat Dumon and Margaret Rose, co-owners of Neuse Realty, Inc are captured with Gayle Albertini of Gayleforce Design* who crafted the ad campaign for Neuse Realty in the RETIRE NC initiative. Co-owners of Neuse Realty not pictured are: Margie Dunn, Joy Harsen and Marcia Werneke.

For more information about Retire New Bern, visit: Retire New Bern North Carolina


*Gayleforce Design is a graphic design and marketing firm located in New
Bern, North Carolina, that offers a wide variety of services to meet
clients’ communication needs.

You can reach Gayleforce Design at: 252-349-4996 or email: 

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