Real Estate New Year’s Resolutions

From all of us at Neuse Realty as we think of you in the New Year: Now is the time many of us make resolutions about important issues in our lives. Please remember these “real estate resolutions” if you are planning to sell in 2014, which we summarize here from a blog which appeared on the Trulia website.

1. Resolve to do your own due diligence—cutting no corners (decide that if you are going to do this thing, that you will do it right and pass your home onto the next buyers with pride)

2. Resolve to keep your eye on the prize—and the priorities (the object is to sell, and get on with the next exciting stage of your life)

3. Resolve to think things through from the other side of the table (remember what it was like to be a buyer)

4. Resolve to keep your head out of the sand (accept the truth about what the house is worth) All of us wish a happy and prosperous 2014.


Please call us if you have a real estate need or even a question..we will be happy to help.


To read the full article, visit Trulia website

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