Jennifer Harmon-Meyer

Kathy Sciorra is a phenomenal Real Estate Agent!!!! My husband and I traveled to New Bern, NC from San DIego, CA, for the first time in June. We received what felt like a “red carpet” orientation to the area as Kathy had planned appointments to see many homes in various neighborhoods. She made sure that we were thoroughly educated in what New Bern real estate could offer. Kathy did not have an agenda. Her sole mission was to educate, inform and assist. Subsequently, we ended up purchasing a home in Taberna with Kathy’s assistance. We were able to make this purchase remotely from San Diego. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Kathy’s attention to detail, high energy and compassion, we could not have pulled it off. She was our eyes and ears and advised all along the way!!!! While we were in the process of our arduous move across country, Kathy checked on our home, took in our mail and made sure the home was safe. She welcomed us to our home last week and her heartfelt joy for our joy was palpable. Suffice it to say, if you work with Kathy you will be cared for as if you are family. We are so excited to begin our time in New Bern. Thank you Kathy!!!

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