Nathan Kruse

  I am completely satisfied with my experience with Neuse Realty. They made it easy to rent out my house while I was thousands of miles away. Brittany and the Property Management team quickly listed the property for rent and found quality tenants with only a few phone calls, emails, and signatures required from me. They handled maintenance requests quickly so all I needed to do was to approve the estimates and pay for the work. All the financial transactions were clearly shown on the monthly owner’s statement which made my taxes easier.

A few months before the lease expired I let Neuse Realty know that I was interested in selling the house. They assigned Cody to represent me as the listing agent. Once again Neuse Realty made it easy for me, and using the same firm for property management and for listing for sale was super convenient. Cody had everything lined up to get the house on the market as soon as possible after the lease was up. Once the listing was live, we had a solid offer in about one day. Cody handled negotiating with the buyers, contracting out repairs, and handling all the paperwork. He even went above and beyond and did some minor repairs required for the appraisal. The first offer ended up closing right on schedule at a good price. Cody made it possible to sell the house while I was thousands of miles away. I appreciate his great work. Thanks Cody!

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